Monday, October 4, 2010

Honda Modification Contest

Honda mengeber young pageant, titled Modification Contest Honda, 2009 in front of the showroom Honda Motor Trio Pelaihari branch located at H Boejasin Pelaihari. Events in the title until the evening, and begins at 10 am with the Honda exhibit diShowroom, also showed off 35 motor modification of all participants, the afternoon show added crowded with the presence of live music from the band origin Pelaihari VIV, kicked off and give the performance to the audience in attendance ... 5 pm've known who won the race this modification. with the read by the jury Hipni, representatives of the Oto trend. give some assessment, criteria for the winners in this contest is in terms of difficulty level and duration of motor make the modifications, the motor is also the theme of cleanliness modifikasiyang trend for this period. "Hipni announced the terms of said assessment to the participants and spectators in attendance. the race is not modifiaksi no motor or class category, which is generally chosen the motor modifications, "he said again. and who managed to win the contest this modification is Arif CMCP Honda, with Honda Vario was titled "Curse of the Earth" entitled to get cash of Rp 1 million, the second winner won by Oyo, the motor can modifnya Astrea Grand USD cash. 750.000, -, which is also the third winner is Rizky CMCP, with motor Supra Fit New to USD cash. 500.000, - while the winner pavorit jury selection is Arif, CB 100 motorcycles modifnya also received cash of Rp. 250.000, -. After the winners were announced to the participants and the general klayak, the event continued with the convoy with the motor modifications participants view of Tanah Laut Honda motorcycle clubs around the city Pelaihari. The band held the evening performances, Dancer, Games and door prize. The purpose of this event is to promote the hope Able Honda Blade Honda Blade Sales Increase in particular, Tanah Laut''said Ali Suryadi, KSP Pelaihari Trio Motor Branch. "Honda is also contest the event modifications to the Honda Otocontest pemasanasan Series (HOCS) 2009 scheduled to be held in early August, 'said Ali again