Monday, October 4, 2010

Brown Scooter Matic Contest Ide

Brown Scooter Matic Contest

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Castrol Power 1 Scooter, Special Lubricants Scootek

JAKARTA - Characteristics of a motorcycle engine scooter-matic (scootek) are compact, making the engine rev higher even than trucks though. Castrol lubricants present a fit to scootek.

Oli as "blood" vehicle engines play an important role. Not only as a lubricant, but the benefits also as guardians of temperature, protection from rust, cleaners, further closing the gap in the wall machine. Lubricant also serves to make the friction antarkomponen become more subtle as well as to distribute heat from the engine to other engine components.

Castrol Power 1 specifically developed for two-wheeled vehicles with technology Countinously variable transmission (CVT) or so-called automatic vehicle.

How it works scootek activator that relies on systematic form of CVT, making it look more the way it works is simple. But the automatic motorcycle is actually producing a higher round than usual even motorcycle engine truck engine because the engine made more compact design.

Technology dry clutch and gears separately produce high engine temperature. Scootek usually use water or air conditioning system to neutralize these high temperature. However, the system is not necessarily enough to hit the high temperatures in the engine. Especially in a crowded road conditions and hot weather.

Through scootek technology, Castrol Power 1 4T engine oil is positioned as (4 steps) premiums, which enables low friction level (low friction) as well as providing extra protection in high-temperature engine room caused by combustion and friction antarkomponen metal. With the specification JASO MB, API SG / SJ, and 10W-40 viscosity level, making this lubricant can be used by scootek manufactured in Europe and Asia.

This lubricant also has the advantage to give 50 percent level of cleanliness and to reduce congestion by 75 percent in the machine. This means that power will not be wasted, in contrast to generate maximum power, protect the machine automatically and reduce fuel consumption.