Friday, September 3, 2010

Hernandez Fastest in the Barclays Premier League

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In the last season, the Premier League's fastest player is Wayne Rooney. Although small, but very quick on his feet and made a lot of goals last season.

In this season, was the fastest player is held by Javier Hernandez. Top speed of this player reaches 19.97 miles / hr.

Here is the fastest player in the Barclays Premier League as reported by the Daily Mail:
  1. Javier Hernandez (MU): 19.97 miles / hour
  2. Park Ji-Sung (Manchester United): 18.65 miles / hour
  3. Carlos Tevez (Man City): 18.51 miles / hour
  4. Frank Lampard (Chelsea): 18.27 miles / hour
  5. Aaron Lennon (Tottenham): 17.85 miles / hour
  6. Ashley Cole (Chelsea): 17.71 miles / hour
  7. Abou Diaby (Arsenal): 17.64 miles / hour
  8. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United): 17.61 miles / hour
  9. Wilson Palacios (Tottenham): 17.61 miles / hour
  10. Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal): 16.67 miles / hour
Manchester united three of the fastest players in the Barclays Premier League, we are waiting the outcome of this season. whether Manchester United can win the Barclays Premier League this season?

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