Monday, October 4, 2010

Nonton Kontest Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX

Nonton Kontest Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX

Technology carried Jupiter MX was okay have. Hence, should not have relied as motor first. Also do not knowingly. Need special attention sophisticated duck let it not make a fuss because Ente own ignorance.

The key should be more vigilant, especially for the following components.

IN FRONT CDI CDI is usually under the seat. In Jupiter MX tebeng behind the front. So, avoid the crunch or let the water spray is not easy shorting. Also need additional security to avoid the hands of ignorant.

RESERVE RESERVOIR TUBE Got sekalius place function so container filled radiator water reserves. But because of its location behind the shield machine, away from the crunch and make sure the bolts are always strong locked.

NEED RADIATOR PROTECTOR cooling process is centered from the radiator grille. But the mounting position of conflict of risky taxable gravels. Try in front of the grid given the additional protective wire netting,

AIR FILTER AIR-prone middle Do not attempt to open the cover while the motor is again washed. Risk of water into the filter box through the snout pointing upward. But as long karbu not smoked, can really be removed through the exhaust hose.

INDICATOR OIL REM Do not binung now wanted to monitor the brake fluid. If the first can be glimpsed when riding a motorcycle, in Jupiter MX indicators should peep from the side.

DO NOT GRIP MAIN GAS If the motor again do not try to turn the grip off the gas. Because Jupiter MX was supported karbu acceleration pump. Very easy to launch a petrol into the engine to flood. Motor was so hard to live