Monday, October 4, 2010

Inspirasi Modifikasi motor Satria FU
Inspirasi Modifikasi motor Satria FU
Inspirasi Modifikasi motor Satria FU

There are two forces that the main attraction of the modifications made Agus Ficdiyanto against Suzuki Satria F-150 2007 owned by Benny from Sidoarjo. What is clear, not a view that is super-flat-style low rider or rear wheel rim used car Honda Jazz which is often used in motor modification.

The strength of this modification appears on the back. First, single swing arm (swing arm). The design was constrained Alphasierra builders of single models. This concept is not a breakthrough, which became surplus is size 4 × 6 cm.

"So I was looking for a strong pipeline that has a thickness of 3 mm," Agus, who has a modification workshop on Jl. West Asri Rangkut X/39, Surabaya. The design, according to Agus made similar pro arm Honda NSR SP, but not exactly the same. Only the larger dimension because it will hold a car rim size of 5 inches.

Another uniqueness into strength is a rear wheel braking system. Motors generally use a disc, its position contrary to the gear chain. Well, Agus claim is precisely the same angular gear and is located on the outside.

This idea is a challenge because it must be made cradle that connects directly into overdrive. Not only that, calipers also have to get a good position and strong. The trick, plugging the end of the arm. "In addition to a strong position can put a halt to the disc, the display, this caliper placement so cool and fierce," said Agus.

While changes to the body, the middle of a set crammed with audio. It became more dense, but it looks grim mengnurangi Satria F-150