Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pernah Lihat HONDA Legenda full Musik?

Honda Legenda Full Entertainment ModificationModifikasi Honda Legenda Full Entertainment

Surrender all trust in the motor modifikator to change the owner is very often happens, especially when following the modification of the contest arena, as well as Sutopo which handed over all his work on his motorcycle to modifikator and very satisfactory results. Motor type Legend won his trophy The Coolest Blink-Blink.

If you notice changes, this bike wants to show something different and want to add more accessories like a Play station, TV, and still much has to be added again, "Want to add lots of accessories such as PS, I want to overstate the TV again, like different from others - another, "said Geron, the modifikator. Motor that is used everyday is amended according to their own ideas from the modifikator.