Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New World Javier "Chicarito" Hernandez


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Javier Hernandez, Man Utd - As a child, many times Javier Hernandez reveal his dream to become a football star to his father, Javier Hernandez Gutierrez, who incidentally was also a professional footballer. Javier Hernandez has joined with the Mexican giants, (Chivas) Guadalajara, at the age of nine years. But if Hernandez continues to be in Guadalajara, his ideals may be difficult for him to reach.

At age 20, Hernandez had felt prustasi and wanted to get early retirement from the world of football. In the last two seasons with Guadalajara, he only played for 16 times in the core team and in the process not even managed to rip the opponent's goal. Chicarito (nickname Hernandez) seems stuck on the bench.

Hernandez Persistence is fruitful sweet. Within two years of his career skyrocketed Hernandez. Within 24 months, scored 19 goals Chicarito success in 22 appearances, nine goals at the international level, resplendent in the World Cup and is currently a player's first Mexican nationals who had joined Manchester United, New world javier Hernandez.

Man Utd lucky to finish the deal Chicarito in April. If they wait until the end of the World Cup in South Africa, then surely the price of Hernandez that just 7 million pounds would skyrocket sharp, judging from the impressive performance with the Mexican national team in the tournament. Of the four appearances with El Tri (Mexico's nickname) in the World Cup yesterday-often from the bench-Hernandez scored three goals, including a beautiful goal in the final perdelapan when Mexico lost (3-1) from Argentina.

"He played very well," said Sir Alex Ferguson once when responding to the performance of these new players in the World Cup. "I am very pleased with the performance of her show and I think we will have a positive impact from the presence of Javier (Hernandez) at Man Utd this season."

Hernandez ability is not limited to just the sharp resolution, he also has the capability to outwit opponents, the movement of dangerous, high jump and the speed of a sprinter. The latter ability could be likened to an imaginary like Warner Brothers cartoon character, Speedy Gonzales, "the fastest mouse in Mexico '.

FIFA statistics support it. Hernandez posted speed reaches 32.15 km/h, the fastest in South Africa World Cup 2010. With speeds like these Chicarito slid from an early retirement plan to stage such a prestigious-stage the World Cup until the "Theatre of Dreams" (the nickname Old Trafford). Speed Hernandez could be an appropriate element that can help the Red Devils won back "race" title Barclays Premier League season 2010-2011.

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