Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Queiroz Back into Manchester United's Staff

queiroz back united staff, ex assistant ferguson

Manchester United - Carlos Queiroz last week visit to Old Trafford, after obtaining the suspension of the Anti-doping authorities, Queiroz eventually fired from his chair Portugal is training. Queiroz considered harassing Anti-doping Commission. But there was no evidence of any conduct doping portugal players.

Since the return to Manchester United's presence, it was speculated that he was back working for the Scot. Queiroz sdslsh Ferguson's former assistant who has been successful in educating Christiano Ronaldo has become a great player, he's also being used to bring Ronaldo and Nani from Sporting Lisbon.

Together Queiroz, Manchester United managed to reach Treeble-Winner ( merger between the local and European champions). 57-year-old coach was spelled success with Manchester United. If correct, this is the third time for Queiroz to become Ferguson's assistant for Manchester United.

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