Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perbandingan Yamaha Bison INdonesia VS India

New Yamaha BysonNew Yamaha Byson photospec New Yamaha BysonFoto Detail Yamaha Bison Terbaru

In Indonesia, Yamaha is still delaying Byson presence. But in India there, Byson now present a more muscular.

Byson that in India known as the FZ16 faces made his appearance through the colors of the new striping and new graphic design.

In addition to the FZ16, Yamaha also introduces the brand-new look of premium motor FZ-S.

Yamaha calls the new style of the street fighter FZ16 and FZ-S as Stylish Macho. This work is done Yamaha to attract young people and about 100,000 users satisfy both motors.

Director and Chief Sales Officer Koji Arai Yamaha Motor India quoted official website of Yamaha India, Thursday (4/29/2010) said refreshment FZ16 and FZ-S to reinforce Yamaha 150 cc motorcycle market segment over the very strict in India.

Yamaha is committed to increase its market share from 12 percent to 20 percent by the end of the year for motor sport.

"We retain the essence of the FZ series motors are intact, while on the one hand to change the aesthetic side of this to confirm the impression of masculine motor. The new graphic design will make the image of street fighter into a higher stage," he said.

Thanks to his macho image, about 85,000 units FZ16 and FZ-S has been sold in India in 2009. This means that nearly 40 percent of overall sales of Yamaha in India.

While the FZ-S will be available colors such as Black Cyber Green, Silver Tech and Sport Electric Blue. While the FZ16 is available in colors Lava Red and Midnight Black.

Both street fighter is carrying the engine 153 cc water-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder high torque (14 Nm@6.000 RPM) for the nuances of driving in the city active and aggressive.

Price FZ series is priced from 65,000 Indian rupees (Rp 13 million) for the FZ16 and 67,000 rupees (Rp 13.5 million) for the FZ-S.