Friday, August 6, 2010

Saving the Birds with Wisdom

Once, a king of the birds led his entourage consisting of five hundred birds to find food outside the palace. They accidentally flew over the edge and into the garden belonged to an emperor. Heard that five hundred birds wandering in her garden, the emperor thought this would be a sight. Then, he ordered his servants to spread nets over the garden to catch the birds when they will fly back.

The birds do not know that the emperor had ordered nets installed there. Therefore, when they fly, all birds tertangkap.Dengan pleased, the emperor ordered his servants to feed the birds with the rice every day. "If they have enough fat, they cook so I can prepare a feast for all the ministers!" The decree of the Emperor.
When the king of birds heard what was being planned the Emperor, he blamed himself for this situation. "All of this is my fault that my people fly into the garden of the emperor, and now they will be killed to become food Emperor and his ministers. What can I do? "
When rice is brought in, the king of birds suddenly got an idea. He warned all the birds, "If you want to continue to live, do not eat rice." "But, if we do not eat, we would die of hunger! How could we be living? "Said the birds were on the king.
King Bird told them, "Caesar feed us so that we become fat. If we eat rice and becomes obese, the Emperor will soon kill us for food. So, do not eat anything within a few days. If we become thinner, we'll have a good chance to escape. "

Five hundred birds was always obedient to the king of birds so they do not touch the rice supplied by the Emperor. Soldiers who guard the birds were very much serve the rice into their cage every day, but the food is still not touched. King bird thinking hard, trying to find a way to escape from the cage. One day, he saw a small hole in the cage. He ordered all birds to peck holes each day. A few days later the hole becomes larger and sufficient to pass through the birds because their bodies are now being thin. Under the guidance of the king, five hundred birds were eventually secretly flown out of the hole.

Looking at the empty bird cage, bird king was very happy. He chose to come out last. Five hundred birds had been waiting outside while flapping their wings. When at last the king of birds fly in space together with all the birds, their melodious voices in the air soon.