Friday, August 6, 2010

death mystery bird

Here it is, one of the mysteries of the modern world occurred in 2010 which was much discussed on Internet sites such as the Mystery or sites like

Experts in the UK seemed confused after a flock of starlings birds more than 100 individuals fell and died on Sunday night under mysterious circumstances.

The birds are scattered everywhere in the area of approximately 12ft. This is very strange and similar to a scenario that made for a horror film set. Try it you can imagine, there are a hundred dead birds in the presence of starlings that you (we know what it is like a starling) any more at night. How can the birds as much as it fell and most of the dead? Caused the shooter? No one who heard gunshots there. Besides, people can shoot as good as what exactly hundreds of birds in flight? Whether natural phenomenon? But like what? Nothing at all scientific explanation is found.

Meanwhile, the Royal Society for the Prevention Cruetly to Animals is currently doing research to find out why so many birds can die in very nearly the same time.

On Sunday night, hundreds of starlings swooping birds fell from the sky and rushed to meet a courtyard and garden. Each bird blood flowing from its beak and claws curled.

Then what happens? Why do birds flock of starlings swoop down to the ground? and strangely, why there are hundreds of birds doing the same thing (dove toward the ground)? Was at the same time their senses and their brains were disrupted? Or because the clouds of methane?