Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hard Anodised Sprockets?

If you ride motos then you probably know the name Renthal. You might even know that they used to make some bmx parts, at least bars, back in the 80's.

Well they must have got some new management in that have decided to "diversify their market" or something, cause now they're back having a nibble at the bmx and mtb side of things. I guess you could see it as a natural progression for a company that are already making similar parts and already have the production set up for said parts, or you could take the "stick to what you know" approach.

But "outsiders" could potentially bring new idea and production processes into bmx. Take Renthal's new bmx specific sprocket for example, it's 7075 t6 cnc'd aluminium just like 80% of bmx sprockets around, but it features a hard anodised finish that they use on their road and road racing chainwheels to increase durability. It also creates a unique burnt grey type of colour. As far as I know, this technology hasn't been used on bmx sprockets yet and if it increases the life of the sprocket, then it's only good.

They've got a real hard machined moto look to them too. And since plenty of bmxers also ride motos and vice versa, there might just be a ready bunch of riders that already know and rate the brand, like the way they look and are prepared to part with their cash. So it's an effort to diversify (read: cash in) that might actually have a chance.

I don't know about this thing though:

It's a downhill stem, so don't get too offended yet, but don't get complacant either - remain alert, there could be a bmx version around the corner waiting to take your money.