Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gol Chicharito unique in the arena's Community Shield

Javier Hernandez Celebration with New Team, Hernandez celebration with Man united, Hernandez celebrationJavier Hernandez Balcazar trafficked Manchester United to add power bang on the front lines. Hernandez immediately gave evidence to create a goal in the Community Shield, despite how really tickled.

MU trafficked before the 2010 World Cup mat, Hernandez stole the attention in the arena of success is when defending his country, Mexico. The player nicknamed El Chicharito is then also appear quite attractive in the arena of pre-season 'Red Devils'.

The attacker is putting tiny for the size of the European players who take part in the 175 cm tall and weighing 62 kg was even given a chance to play by Sir Alex Ferguson in the party opposite Chelsea's Community Shield, Sunday (08/08/2010). He was signed to replace Michael Owen in the 46th minute and managed to score against Chelsea.

Even so, Hernandez still have to sharpen the end despite the successful completion fetched goal. The problem is, goals which he established when it was still a little luck and a bit silly smelly.

Receiving a cross from the right side of the field, Hernandez successfully positioned itself in front of an empty goal after goalkeeper Hilario failed to cut the ball. Lowering the body, Hernandez had a direct kick with his right foot without control it first.

Here comes the intriguing part. Instead of gliding to the goal, the skin actually turned round on the face of Hernandez himself. Fortunately for Hernandez, then continues to glide the ball into the goal over on his own.

By its action it has sent tanks Hernandez assists for himself by using the feet, before his head gave birth to a goal. People may have laughed, calling it just luck or even ridicule. However, Hernandez still celebrating the goal with a cheerfully.

"He will not try to do it again, it was a strange goal," said Fergie, half jokingly, as preached Sky Sports.

Hernandez final resolution or composure in front of goal seems to still need to be polished again. However, Fergie see bright future for the players.

"But he very quickly into the penalty box, he's a good attack solvers. His character is positive and can speak English very well. He's adapting well," commented the manager.

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