Monday, August 30, 2010

Bush Beans in a Pot

My gardening this year has been filled with lots of highs and lows. My containers have been the most successful, but even with those I've had some problems. When my eggplant died in June, I decided to try some Bush Beans in the now empty pot.

I soaked the seeds and then put them in peat pellets for sprouting. This works successfully for me as long as I transplanted them before the roots became too established.

I planted the sprouts in the empty pot. Of the twelve seeds, one was raided by a deck critter. I planted the remaining eleven. Probably too many, but I hated to waste Any. As you can see, five were fast starters. Of the remaining six, three more developed into productive plants.

The plants started producing about two weeks ago. On Sunday, I got my largest picking, enough for a nice dinner side dish. And there are lots more still to come. I count my Bush Beans in a pot a gardening success, at least for this year.

Do you do container gardening? What are some of your success stories? - Margy