Saturday, October 2, 2010

Key Discipline Sir Alex Ferguson


Sir alex ferguson trophy, Key Discipline Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson, Man Utd - One key to successful manager Sir Alex Ferguson to discipline the players Manchester United is to recruit spies from one of the family members of players. Not surprisingly, Sir Alex could monitor his players for 24 hours.

This was revealed in a recent book by veteran players Ryan Giggs Man Utd My Life, My Story. In the book, winger revealed a number of events that later became the talk among the players the Red Devils.

One of them is the story about the emergence of Man Utd coach who suddenly at a party. Cash only, the coach directly sprayed his talk with harsh words towards Giggs and his partner, Lee Sharpe. The incident became the most popular legend that proves the coach has eyes and ears everywhere.

Another story is not forgotten in life Giggs revealed in his book that is the incident that took place 18 years ago. The incident made it very surprising, was his mother who became a spy for Sir Alex informers.

"This story is the subject of talk at the club how the coach Man Utd get information on all activities of players. It has not become our conversation until I knew the informant Ferguson is my own mother, " said Giggs.

He says Sir Alex always had people stalking and observing the movement or activities of the players off the field. He mentions the presence of Sir Alex's eyes and ears that spread everywhere is like a "force of nature that can not be controlled".

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