Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Full color portrait tattoo of Mary and the cross

Full color portrait tattoo of Mary and the cross

For a Christian, a cross tattoo is the symbol of our saviors ever-lasting love for mankind and the promise of life never-ending. It is a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice he made to ensure forgiveness of our sins. It embodies hope and love.

The Crucifix

This design represents that symbol of sacrifice. It will have an image of Christ engraved and will often contain a circle of thorns and the cross itself will in detail resemble the wooden crucifix our savior carried to his impending death. Some will be in such great detail that the nails are visible, along with drops of sacrificial blood.

The Celtic Design

This cross tattoo design is becoming more popular as the intricate weaving of the Celtic design is both mysterious and beautiful in its own right. If you have Irish heritage perhaps you are aware of its' symbolic nature. The circle of the Celtic cross represents love eternal, as the traditional cross does.

For those who practice Wicca, this design represents the five elements of nature, being Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Great Spirit which is also known as the Great Goddess. Contrary to some belief, those who practice Wicca are very spiritual and are not Devil worshipers. Harm None is their motto and the Celtic cross tattoo is worn with love and pride.

It is said that Saint Patrick created the first Celtic cross while preaching atop a mountain. He was shown a sacred rock which a circle was carved, said to represent the moon goddess. He drew a Latin cross through that circle and blessed it, combining both Druid and Christian beliefs.