Monday, October 4, 2010

Ferguson secretly admire Man City Striker Balotelli


Ferguson secretly admire mario Balotelli, balotelli wallpaper
Sir Alex Ferguson, Man Utd, Balotelli - Silently turns out Sir Alex Ferguson admires the new Man City striker, Mario Balotelli. Although Balotelli was injured, Ferguson confident of the ability possessed by the player.

Balotelli is quite a bad player, he often did act. as it was during the inter milan, Balotelli openly wearing uniforms AC Milan on a television show, when he in fact is the Inter Milan player.

Although players kontroversional, Balotelli is still a young player who has a lot of football talent. and not become a reason not to admire his talent.

"Mario Balotelli has tremendous potential for 20 years, Self-injury is unfortunate indeed. But I hope to see in action again soon. " said Ferguson.

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