Monday, September 6, 2010

Too expensive Prices for The Transfer Bebe

expensive prices to transfer bebe, transfer bebe tooexpensive, manuel tiago dias bebe, bebe man united, bebe manutd, bebe manchester utd, bebe wallpaperManchester United - Manchester United may make a mistake when buying from Vitória de Guimarães Bebe £ 4.7 million. Player of the original named Manuel Tiago Dias Correia Red Devils may be purchased at the price £ 125 thousand, in January 2010 then.

Bebe has never played at the highest competitive level. He spent more of his career at Division III League Portugal. Even Estrella da Amadora, former club, had a price menjajakannya 150 thousand euros.

Jorge Paxaio, Estrella coach, said: Last season we did not have any money at all. We tried to sell Bebe to another club to get money. We sold him to England and other European countries with the price of 150 thousand euros. "

However, still according Paxaio, no one was interested. There is no club that believed in his ability because they never play at the highest level.

"I was surprised when suddenly Manchester United tempted to get it," said Paxaio.

"At first I hoped he moved to the big club in the League of Portugal, or the central plank clubs in Europe. I do not expect him to play at United."

Goncalo Reis, a former agent Bebe, also said; "Bebe seasons ago sold very cheap, and we tore off his contract because he was not paid by Estrella, so they can go freely. Maybe Manchester United are too expensive to buy Bebe."

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