Thursday, September 2, 2010

sparrow prince

The house seemed as old buildings which have stood for three generations. Clean white wall is still visible because it's always been repainted every year. Large trees shade backyard is spacious and manicured. Really beautiful and soothing eye could see.

Under one of the shady mango trees, in a long wrought-iron chair golden brown, seen an old woman who still looks lined beauty of face wrinkles. Beside him sat a woman also thirties beautiful, graceful, and looks stylish in her dress . Faces of the two women looked similar, although seen live in two different generations.

Silence. Only the sound of birds on leafy shoots that sounded.

The young woman was still busy with the novels he had read, when the old woman who apparently was his mother asked, pointing to a small bird perched on a rock garden. "What kind of bird, is it?". After a quick glance, the child answered curtly, "sparrow", and went on reading again. "What kind of bird, is it?", Asked his mother once again. Without looking, his daughter replied, "sparrow." The question was repeated again and again, until the child had to answer as many as four times. And as for the fifth time the lady asked, "What kind of bird, is it?", His son threw the novel he was reading into the grass and say with a high tone, "I did, it was said, it was a sparrow, Maaa ...! Diinget-remember , dong. The only matter of seconds, it was forgotten again?? "

The mother was silent. The young woman was picked up again and continued to read his novel. Lateral line looks pretty face resentment.

Slowly the mother got up. As he bent over he walked off the bench for the garden and then entered the house. Before long, his mother by bringing out an agenda for a dull book in his right hand. He pointed to a page and handed it to his daughter. "Read", he said, sitting back on the park bench.

"Read it aloud. Hearing Mama was not good anymore," admonished his mother after finding her daughter was silent. While the child's stuttering start to read,