Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Barclays Premier League Regulation

new barclays premier league regulation, new barclays premiership regulation, barclays premiership, barclays premier leagueRegulationt Barclays Premier League - The new rules established by the Barclays Premier League Manchester United as well make the clubs more confusion Premier League. Many people who could not accept the new regulations.

Here is a new Barclays Premier League regulations :

1. Starting 2010/2011 season, each club must register 25 Premier League players who will be deployed until mid-season.

2. List of 25 new players may be replaced during the middle of summer transfer market opened or because the situation is really an emergency, like if two of three goalkeepers to injury.

3. Of the 25 players that are owned, each club must have eight players who is a native English speaker, built his own players who had at least three seasons at their respective clubs before the age of 21 years.

A result of this new regulation, Manchester United is rumored to be off Richie De Laet (Belgium) or David Gray (Scotland) for not fulfilling the criteria of the New Barclays Premier League Regulations.

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