Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kawasaki W650, W800

Kawasaki W800

New Kawasaki W650, W800.That is information that we owe to our fellow English MCN, according to their source,a green check mark is preparing to return to the market of "old" modern.

Kawasaki W800 was the precursor to the time with, we recall the beautiful Estrella 250 and the W650. The latter launched the fashion of neo retro successfully somewhere really helped and Triumph Bonneville.

But the W650 had a charm that Bonneville has never been able to find: a true character engine! And this engine was sublime: vertical twin stalled at 360 ° (both pistons go up and down at the same time), eight valves and a camshaft in head caused by a very nice tree outside: a lovely mechanical sculpture.