Friday, August 6, 2010

Ride or Die!!!

The weather has been crazy lately. Its like we have a T-storm on a daily basis for the past week. I dig a good T-storm!!
Lots been going on around here, We will have a full shipment of completes rolling through the doors in the next few weeks. More Kink 2011 Completes along with 2011 Subrosa Completes.

Animal is always releasing something new. Here is this weeks offering.New Backpack and Tee.

Here are some new Fly Bikes seats also.. They look comfy. These are railed for all you pivotal haters like myself.. Got some more Alta stems too!!

The boys at FBM were nice enough to re-release the "Blow up you Car" Tee and a few others along with a couple hats. Tear the sleeves off these things and go shred your face off!!!

Jake has been roasting everything in his sights along with this dub on the reverse line..