Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reason MU Purchase Bebe

Bebe MU, man united player, bebe man united, bebe man utdFerguson admitted that he had to hastily finalize Bebe transfer worth seven million pounds. Only then he can avoid Bebe from other clubs target.

Manchester United's coach said it would give the attacker the time needed 20 years old to be united at Old Trafford.

Typically, Ferguson would rather have a long enough time to monitor players who want to buy. That reason, he originally wanted before to make sure to pick up Bebe, was an orphan.

"When we identify someone with potential, we usually perform monitoring for a long time. But we have great talent in Portugal that has tremendous instincts. We are working exploit that instinct, "he said.

According to him, Bebe special player. His legs were functioning. He is also very fast. So, all the terms actually he has.

"And the other clubs started to get. So, we must take quick decisions, "he said.

Real Madrid is one club that has been monitoring the Bebe. Ferguson admitted the change Bebe, a player from the streets into a top club players in the Premier League Dongen similar story.

"That's when we see the boy's background. Starting from the orphans, then play in the league of street children. This kid has all the ability and I yain we could use him. He was young and nice working with young players. That's why we bought it, "he added as well.

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