Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ozil fail, United are now chasing Raul Meireles

meireles target transfer united, meireles united targer transfer, raul meireles image, meireles photo, meireles united chasManchester United is rumored to be trying to get Raul Meireles, after failing to bring Mesut Ozil to Old Trafford.

After plans to move Mesut Ozil Real Madrid will end puzzle Ozil move to Old Trafford, the latest news of Manchester United states is now going after Raul Mireles from FC Porto.

Fergie does not mind losing Ozil. However, management MU likely to think twice if you have to spend the funds amounting to £ 15 million to get Mireles.

FC Porto Meireles says it will not sell it cheap. If it is true that high property wants Porto, Fergie may have to save the desire to get Raul Meireles.

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