Monday, August 16, 2010

Garden Goodies

I’ve been a bit disappointed in my floating garden this year. I’m not sure why. I augmented the soil last spring and rotated my plantings as best I could. Many seeds never sprouted, and replanting didn’t fare much better. Part of the problem may have been the weather. We had a long cold wet spring that ran into a hot dry summer. And one end of my garden float has sunk down to water level, so it doesn’t drain as well.

But my plants in pots have been doing quite well. My Snow Peas just finished. I’m letting a few pods dry on the vine to save for seed. Now the Scarlet Runner beans are coming in to take their place. I chose that variety because the red flowers are an attractant for hummingbirds.

My green and banana peppers are starting to come in now. I tried pickling some of the banana variety, so stay tuned. I love them on sandwiches. I’ve also picked several cucumbers. After two dead starts, the Marketmore variety has been a success. The fruit is firm and sweet, just perfect for a salad.

Speaking of salad, my lettuce has grown into “trees” so it had to come out. It's was much sooner than last year. And my tomatoes are coming in later. Now if only I could get everything to coincide, I could make a complete garden salad. Maybe next year! -- Margy