Saturday, August 14, 2010


Thats how I been feeling for the past week with some sort of something going around..So who ever got me sick-Thank You and whoever I got sick-Your Welcome.. So I've had plenty of time to catch up on everything BMX including all these fine items below.
Have you seen the cover of the New Dig BMX? Ya, just the cover makes you want to have one and we have plenty here now that we are getting them straight from Dig!!

Our favorite lil zine maker is back with Holeshot Issue 7, don't be like that come by and pick one up. Lots of good stuff in this one and definitely worth what you got in your pocket..
This has probably been sitting in my mailbox for a week but thats how often I check it. I hate mail!! 90East DVD's are here along with all the new T's and a sweet Lee poster..Kinder is famous!!!

Restock on all We The People tires in wire bead. These are a good alternative to Fly Ruben tires(we still have a full line of those too). Same compound and smoother tread.Which means you'll roll faster..
Restock on all Eclat seats also including Gonzo pivotals and Complex seats..These are by far the shops best selling seats so don't slip up and come grab one..
We will have some more WTP completes in a couple weeks also. Last batch went in a week..

Back to the grind this week...